Dec 12, 2010

The colour of me

A friend asked me today whether I dare to wear a          dress to attend a wedding of a friend; and I answered her loud and clear, "No!          is definitely NOT for me."

What makes me feel like pink is not the colour of myself. Well, it is simple. Just look at the colour itself, it clearly shows how gentle it is and how it presents love and affection. If you think I have all these qualities, then you are wrong, totally wrong.

The colour of my blusher is brownish orange and I rarely wear        as my eyeshadow.         lipstick is something that I never had, but somehow I do have few shirts that are         in colour- unfortunately they are all hidden in my closet somewhere. I wear           lipstick that my friends keep telling me I look older and too matured that my age when I wear it.

The only          stuff that I keep using is only my pencil case; and I hope that doesn't count me as someone delicate and fragile :D

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