Nov 29, 2010

Life is indeed a circle

As I'm writing this blog, I'm feeling both sad and happy at the same time. My beloved friend, Azura, send me a message telling me that she is getting married on this 11th of December- but unfortunately, I already have a plan to attend one of my best friends' wedding on the same date too. But as I'm sharing the good news with my officemates (yes, wedding is considered as top issue to be discussed with the others) an unwanted announcement spread by telling that everybody in the office are required to attend a workshop also on the same date. It is such a heartbreaking news for me :(

One moment ago, I was feeling happy, with all the smiles, and laughter and the giggles- but in a split of second-everything can turn gloomy, sad and very depressing.

Oh, how I miss the good old days ~~

Nov 28, 2010

Messy = cREatIvE?? ; me and Albert Einstein vs. my mum

This is a very interesting hard fact to share with you. I found this article when I was reading the Health Today magazine while spending time in the hospital looking after my grandma.

According to the article " those who inhabit moderately messy spaces are more creative than those in very organized ones"; simply means that I am more creative than my mum!! Apparently, famous thinkers such as Albert Einstein too have the same style of creating his own "organized chaos" desk, which helped him to make connections between unrelated documents amidst the clutter, leading to new ideas and great success.
The picture of my desk in my room when I was still a student of UM
Can you see the printer there??

I never loose my bus ticket to go back home, amazing isn't it?

My desk in the office- taken somewhere in 2009
So now, I'm proud to say that I'm not messy, I'm just trying to be more creative than the others- so you don't get to judge me every time  the result of the survey of " whose desk is the messiest in the office"- because it simply means that "who is the most creative in the office". (With that I rest my case)

Tip: Just tidy up once a week. It's more efficient to arrange a batch of items in one go than to sort things as they come.

Nov 10, 2010

What goes around comes around!!

Hi everybody..

It has been such an exhausting week for me, as I need to cover all the tasks of my colleague who are ow admitted in hospital for having tonsillitis. All this while I am just busy with dozens of paperwork and forms to fill and sign. I am glad that I still manage to finish all of them even though I have to spend couples of hours in the office until now.

Last two days, my car had been hit by somebody in the basement and lucky for him, he got to run away before I saw him. The phone call I received from a colleague who was on her way to reach her car in same parking line was very heart breaking. I just couldn't believe my eyes to see the scratches he left on my car. The next day, I did searched for the particular car as it also hit the pillar nearby so in my mind, I guess his car would also showed some signs of scratches, right?

One of my friend said, I got to be cool and calm, as he wanted me to believe that the driver would soon got what he deserved for. So, for now,  I just smiled ...

Nov 8, 2010

Living is about making choices

It's Monday, and yes I'm back to business again. This morning, I woke up early, had my breakfast, showered and prepared to go to work earlier than usual. (15min earlier means early, right?)

After all the long holiday (hey, I've got my MC, remember?) I'm feeling like it's not easy to start the week but still, work is work. I choose to ignore all the unnecessary things that occur in my life, all the complaints and bad rumors spreading. I choose to become a new me and work harder to accomplish things that I've been dreaming since I started to involve in this education field. It's true sometimes it's hard to live by the choice that I've made but after all you will not die from things that will never harm you, right?

I'll keep living, and keep choosing for the best things in my life, but hey, am I strong enough to face the consequences from the choice I've made? How about you? You decide!

Nov 4, 2010

Where do I begin...

As I finished writing my last post last month (I guess, I had left the blog for few weeks, right??) tonnes of works keep coming to me. It was true when I said to my friends "people come and go, works come never go". I found out to be one the "luckiest" staff to be chosen to go to the HQ to settle out few more works there. Though it was only for 3 days, but still I would say that they were 3 suffering days, working with people I didn't use to work with, in a short time and lots of works to be done..and short of money of course!!

Back from HQ, which took 6 hours to travel by bus (or 45 min by airplane) I suddenly got ill, yes, it was a fever, most probably because the stress I got from that 3-suffering-day. I applied for my mc and the kind-hearted doctor gave me 2 days for holiday though I started to feel OK on the day I met him.

Now, I'm back to my office, thinking of starting a new fresh start.
Sometimes, changing is good, right?