Oct 9, 2010

It's done..finally

The 2-day-meeting is finally over. I'm glad. It's a new week starting from tomorrow. I need to get back on track for my jogging session which I neglected because of the meeting held on. My mum said this morning, she wanted to join me, hooray!! I finally had a companion...

I'll update the blog later. Just experimenting with the "java script" thing which I paste on above. Hope you'll enjoy the song as much as I do. Because I feel SO ALIVE today!!

See you later, mmmuahh~ 

Rise and shine!!

Good morning readers!!

Often said; An apple a day keeps the doctor away...

I said ; A coffee a day, keeps the boss away...

Have a pleasant morning everybody!! cheers!

p/s I'm sorry for the hyperactivity, it's just the caffeine from my breakfast is doing their job :)

Oct 8, 2010

Hey, it's Friday!!

It is weekend (for me)...finally!!

Planning to spend the time at home, watching TV and sleep ^.^v

How do you spend your weekend? Do share it here:)

seeing the BIGGER picture

PART 1: "I just knew him for a month. We planned to spend our weekend together for the first time. I said I would fetched him up (I'm sorry guys, but I have this stupid rule when going out with guys I barely knew; that is never ever tell the guys where your house is located until there is something serious happening between both of you) . But when the time came, he was not there. I called him several times, but failed to connect to him. And the last thing I remembered was driving home with a broken heart, totally full of disappointment and realized, there was no point of going out with someone who didn't want to spend their time with you, or should I say, who just so not into you..."

Well, I believe there are some of you out there who have experienced this kind of situation and most of you will react just the same like what I did. I totally don't want to blame you if you just walk away and never look back at the particular guy .. or girl. But somehow, the way we react is truly based on the emotion and we make a conclusion only based on the particular situation, NOT from the entire picture.

PART 2: When I was driving home, my phone rang . It was from him and I answered. I heard his voice saying."Hello, I'm sorry, my car broke down when I am on my way back home, and my phone is out if battery at the moment. I'm using my friend's phone and I hope you can wait for a while. I'll be there as soon as everything is settle right here. I'm sorry for what happened, or should we postpone it to another day if you think it is convenient for you?"

See, I've told you...

Since the day, I've started to change my point of view, try to change my own perspective and try to be an optimist in every single way. I've learned my lesson, how about you?

p/s Even though what happened on that day, I still went out with him, and I felt sorry for misunderstanding his situation. Well, I'm just being the girl with emotion ~~

Oct 7, 2010

I wish I am a robot (with emotion)

Dear readers,

After all the efforts and struggles with all the buttons and gadgets added to my blog, I think now I already have a little idea how to update the blog with some applications just to make sure that it is "alive". Luckily, my dearest friend, kak Wani and her husband are there to help me (this is the result for not using the tutorial video for the new bloggers, yes ..I've learned my lesson, thank you :D )

Tomorrow will be quite a busy day for me as there is an importang meeting scheduled from morning till evening (I wonder what will happen with my jogging session tomorrow, hmmmm...) and as a huge fan of Farmville game- well, you know the game in the Facebook where I become a farmer, and need to plow, seed and harvest my crops according to the time given and this will need an extra commitment from me too. I hope my lunch hour provided between the meeting tomorrow is enough to harvest my morning glory 12 hours from now.

 And recently, with this blog, I think I have added on another commitment to fill in, thanks to myself, again :D

I believe by letting myself to get involve with a lot of commitments will help me to use my time wisely and to make sure my energy for the whole day is fully utilized. (No wonder I'm still awake-because there is a few energy left, I guess :p)

It's getting late, I should be sleeping now, or there will be no energy left for tomorrow's meeting

Good night, ZzZZZzZ

Oct 6, 2010

...still doing the right thing, I guess :p

Right now, at this very moment, I'm still in the office, finishing every little detail needed for a meeting scheduled tomorrow. I missed my jogging session this evening, but somehow it was a relieved for my muscles since they were in pain this several days.

The janitor keeps coming to my place every 5 min, meaning I get to go home now.. yes, going home is the right thing to do now.

See you guys tomorrow, mmmuahhh~

Doing the right thing is hard...

Hi readers!!

It has been less than 24-hours since the last time I updated my blog. I have so much things to share with all of you, but I guess it is not right  to spend time in front of my pc when I have tonnes of works to be done.

Last night I was planning to update my blog with some new font colour, new application and the most important thing is to change the language used for some terms on my page since they were in Malay Language, with the help of my dearest friend, kak Wani, and her husband (he's the one who knew everything, of course~~) and we'd planned to chat at 8pm , but I slept early because of the bad weather (most probably because I went jogging recently...and it made me exhausted )

I think I should stop right now. I'll update later... get to do the right thing now ^.^

Oct 5, 2010

New soul coming to town~~

Dear readers...

I can't believe myself that I'm writing a blog for the first time. It has been like a dream-come-true blog, since all my friends have started writing theirs long time ago and I haven't. This blog is just a place where I can share all my thoughts and feeling besides gaining my confidence writing in English (please alert for any grammatical error or unsuitable words used and do comment for improvement) 

Well, the name "sunshine, freedom, and flowers", for my blog is taken from a quote I saw yesterday (yes, I exactly have no idea at all of what a blog should be named, since every word coming out from my brain is already used by someone else~ ~ OK, I know, it's a WORLD WIDE web)

And here's the quote:

"Just living is not enough, one must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower" - by Hans Cristian Anderson.

I think it's enough for an introduction here, hope to see you guys again later..
Take care!!