Nov 29, 2010

Life is indeed a circle

As I'm writing this blog, I'm feeling both sad and happy at the same time. My beloved friend, Azura, send me a message telling me that she is getting married on this 11th of December- but unfortunately, I already have a plan to attend one of my best friends' wedding on the same date too. But as I'm sharing the good news with my officemates (yes, wedding is considered as top issue to be discussed with the others) an unwanted announcement spread by telling that everybody in the office are required to attend a workshop also on the same date. It is such a heartbreaking news for me :(

One moment ago, I was feeling happy, with all the smiles, and laughter and the giggles- but in a split of second-everything can turn gloomy, sad and very depressing.

Oh, how I miss the good old days ~~

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