Nov 28, 2010

Messy = cREatIvE?? ; me and Albert Einstein vs. my mum

This is a very interesting hard fact to share with you. I found this article when I was reading the Health Today magazine while spending time in the hospital looking after my grandma.

According to the article " those who inhabit moderately messy spaces are more creative than those in very organized ones"; simply means that I am more creative than my mum!! Apparently, famous thinkers such as Albert Einstein too have the same style of creating his own "organized chaos" desk, which helped him to make connections between unrelated documents amidst the clutter, leading to new ideas and great success.
The picture of my desk in my room when I was still a student of UM
Can you see the printer there??

I never loose my bus ticket to go back home, amazing isn't it?

My desk in the office- taken somewhere in 2009
So now, I'm proud to say that I'm not messy, I'm just trying to be more creative than the others- so you don't get to judge me every time  the result of the survey of " whose desk is the messiest in the office"- because it simply means that "who is the most creative in the office". (With that I rest my case)

Tip: Just tidy up once a week. It's more efficient to arrange a batch of items in one go than to sort things as they come.

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