Dec 1, 2010

I think we should break up because ....

How many times you use silly excuses for a reason to break up??

The idea of writing this down is not because I am breaking up with somebody (No! No! No!, I am single and still having problems with choosing the right guy for me)- it's just because of the channel of the radio I heard this morning,, bringing up the issue of reasons to break up.

One caller said, that she broke up with her boyfriend simply because he didn't want to change his status from "single" to "in a relationship" in the facebook. Yes, it sounds silly right, but I guess she made her point when she was discussing about commitment- though I was so not interested in revealing my status in the facebook too.

My ex-boyfriend(sss) mostly broke me up because "I was so good and kind to them"--> in other word, "Hey! I' was too good for them", (right?) but I prefered to say that this might happened because I was just the one who kept apologizing even though I was on the right side. I was so not interested to have wars with guys, the one I loved especially.

And for the record, it shows that I was and still having problems to have a relationship, (I mean serious relation) with any guy who has the letter "Z" in his name. What a curse!!

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